Guadalupe Island • Great White Sharks

July – November  Nautilus Belle Amie

Guadalupe Island is the world’s best destination for cage diving with great white sharks in beautiful, topaz blue water and visibility up to 150-ft. But what makes this corner of the world so incredible is the sheer number of white sharks you can see. We’ve seen as many as 13 at once, and our record is 50 different individuals over three days diving.

A thrilling adventure for both divers and non-divers alike, witness these apex predators in a surface cage or submerged beneath the waves

Learn to Scuba Dive

Non-divers can enjoy unlimited time in our surface cages. However, if you’re interested in taking the plunge, you can learn to scuba dive at our SeeCreatures Dive Center in Cabo. You will never forget the first time you put your face in the water. Breathing underwater is a life altering experience. The only thing that could possibly be better than this is descending in one of our submersible cages several days later to go face to face with great white sharks!

It’s all about you

Our aim is to maximise your great white shark encounters. Our cages open at 6.30am and stay open until dusk, with unlimited time in the surface cages and, for certified divers, at least three dives a day in multiple submerged cages. On the last day, our cages close at 5pm as we make our way back to Ensenada.

Guadalupe Island great white shark cage diving

Sample Itinerary


We encourage you to spend an extra day or two in Cabo before going shark cage diving. July is peak mobula season in the Sea of Cortez, where tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of mobulas congregate in enormous schools. And where there are mobulas, there will likely be pods of orcas.

Using airplane support, we can take you out on our super pangas to track, and hopefully get in the water with pods of orcas and, of course, thousands of mobula rays. There are also a wealth of other activities catering to every taste, from kayaking trips to whale watching (think: sperm, finback and blue whales, as well as pods of thousands of dolphins), learning to scuba dive and so much more.

From Cabo, it’s a quick flight to Tijuana where we will transfer you to our hospitality suite in Ensenada where you can check-in for your voyage to Guadalupe. Boarding is available at 9:30pm. Our Captain and divemaster’s will guide you down to the boat where the rest of our crew will be waiting to greet you with big smiles and trays of champagne.

Destination: Guadalupe Island

Today we will be travelling and relaxing at sea. An orientation will be held in the morning, Shark 101 will be in the afternoon. Guadalupe Island should appear over the horizon in the early evening, ensuring our guests have a calm night in the protected anchorage to relax before shark cage diving action starts.

Let the Sharking Begin

Our theory on how Guadalupe shark trips should operate is very simple. Have loads of large comfortable cages in the water. Open the cages at 6:30am. Leave the cages open until dusk. Have lots of divemasters in the water and on the dive deck to ensure an excellent diving experience for our guests.

Rinse & Repeat Shark Cage Diving

You can almost always jump into a surface cage and stay in as long as you want. Certified divers can make at least three dives a day in our deep-diving submersible cages, and there is often the chance to get an extra dive or two in these cages as well.

The Last Shark Cage Diving Day Always Comes Too Quickly!

Today is our last day of sharking! We want to give you every possible second in the water at Guadalupe, so we stay on-site until 5pm before swinging the cages onboard and heading back north to Ensenada.

Return to Ensenada

Sadly, your time onboard will come to a close when we arrive back at the Hotel Coral in Ensenada at around 2:00pm. Before you disembark, we will ensure you get a copy of the trip highlights DVD that our crew has put together. We hope that you might spend another day or two in Ensenada. Hotel vans will be waiting to transport everyone else back to either the Tijuana Airport, the San Diego Airport or Four Points Sheraton Hotel via the Tecate border crossing.

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