Snorkeling with Mobula school
Orcas breaching in the sea of cortez

Sea of Cortez • Airplane Supported Mobula & Orca Expeditions

April – July   Nautilus Gallant Lady Mango Wind

Our beautiful Sea of Cortez is home of many different and exciting migrations, including one of our favourites, the Muck’s Pygmy Devil Ray commonly known as mobula rays (Mobula munkiana). From April to July, hundred of thousands of mobulas gather in dense schools. Where there are mobulas, there are killer whales (Orcinus orca). We use dedicated aircraft support to spot our snorkelers and divers onto mobulas and orcas and also whale sharks, blue and fin whales and much more!

Can I really Get In the Water With Orcas?

YES! In our experience, there is a 100% chance that you will be able to get in the water with schooling mobula rays and 50% chance of splashing with orcas.

These killers whales are part of the Eastern Tropical Pacific population and we have identified and got in the water with at least three different family groups. Our experience is that the orcas swim past Cabo San Lucas, San José and Cabo Pulmo and then spend time cruising as far as Bahía de La Paz before turning around and retracing their route southward.

We have been running trips in this area since 1974 and have a great network of friends and contacts keeping an eye out for the orcas. We will dispatch a dedicated spotter airplane at least three or four days every week to guide our high-speed skiffs towards the animals.

Interaction Is Always on the Animals’ Terms

We do not chase or allow harassment of the animals and depend on them to choose to interact with us. we have had excellent success with interactions.


This is a physically active expedition. Sure, you can spend most or all of your time watching the action from our air-conditioned mothership or from our highspeed RHiB or pangas. You can also choose to spend as much time as you want on and in the water. It is long days out on the water if you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to get in the water with the animals. This is the perfect trip for divers and snorkelers alike. Limited scuba diving opportunities will be available. Snorkelling with Mobula Rays

“We managed to find the big schooling mobulas….my name for them is “popcorn”, as they just pop up above the water, one then several, with splashes as they belly flop down, like someone told them you are a bird! You can fly!… So, the damn orcas…we knew this would not be easy… we have seen…”

Guide Sten (Vikingo) Johansson’s

Guide Sten (Vikingo) Johansson’s

Read his postcard from sea and find out what they discovered…

Sample Itinerary

Welcome Aboard!
Nautilus Gallant Lady in the sea of Cortez

Meet at SeeCreatures Cabo Dive Center at 4pm for a complimentary antigen test and to be kitted out with a wetsuit and snorkeling gear. Stick around for a complimentary Backscatter photography workshop in preparation for the incredible snaps you’ll be gaining on this adventure!

At 7:30pm we’ll board the Nautilus Gallant Lady to depart for the Sea of Cortez. Toast to your upcoming adventure with a delicious dinner as we make the five-hour voyage to Cabo Pulmo.

Swim with Mobulas

Slip into a wonderful routine of eat, sleep, mingle with mobulas, repeat.

We will have airplane support three days on this expedition to get you in the water with the biggest squadrons of mobula rays and the best chance of orcas. We will be dividing into two groups of six at a time in our high speed 32 ft support boat to get you in the water as often as possible. The more times you splash, the greater your chance of a magical encounter with mobulas. And fingers crossed, orcas…

In the late afternoon, take advantage of kayaking, paddle boarding or a beach hike. Alternatively, stay onboard the sundeck, keeping your eyes peeled for all manner of whales. We know the secret spot to see a resident pod of fin back whales, as well as the possibility to see humpback, sperm, pilot and blue whales. Not to forget pods of thousands of dolphins. During this time of year, the Sea of Cortez is loaded with life.

Explore Cabo Pulmo
Cabo Pulmo

On the final day, you’ll the opportunity to dive or snorkel at Cabo Pulmo World Heritage Biosphere Reserve, home to some of the fishiest waters we’ve come across (over 6,000 species and counting, to be specific). Finish the day enjoying a picnic on the beach before we set sail for Cabo San Lucas.

Wave Goodbye

Sadly, it’s the end of your trip. After a final breakfast we’ll disembark the boat in Cabo.

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