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Private charter sailboat, Sea of Cortez

Mango Wind

Loreto Sea of Cortez / Mobulas & Orcas

Pull up the sails and get truly of-the-grid as you voyage to the most remote, untouched corners of Mexico.

There is nothing better than pulling up the sails and feeling a salty breeze in your hair as you whip across the ocean with only the noise of the water along the hull. Our Leopard 45-ft sailing catamaran yacht, the Mango Wind, caters for a plethora of adventures, from freediving to scuba diving, kayaking and paddling. We also have an 18-ft zodiac style inflatable boat onboard so you can access the more remote corners of the Sea of Cortez. Where you sail to, you decide.

Luxury Accomodation

• 45-ft sailing catamaran yacht
• Up to six guests
• Three ensuite double staterooms
• 18-ft inflatable zodiac style boat

Relax en enjoy aboard the Mango Wind
Mango wind, Sea of Cortez


Loreto Marine Reserve Blue Whales

It’s impossible to talk about blue whales without excitedly reeling off a long list of breathless facts. Reaching 100ft in length and weighing a whopping 150 tonnes, blue whales are the largest mammal to have ever existed. Their arteries alone are so large a child could fit in them. But none of this will prepare you for your first sighting. 

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Loreto blue whales aboard a sail boat

Sea of Cortez

Hailed as the ‘World’s Aquarium’ by legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez has long enticed travelers seeking encounters with its extraordinary ocean wildlife. Enter giant tornedoes of fish, see bull sharks at Cabo Pulmo, manta rays at La Reyna, huge schools of mobula rays, orcas, super pods of dolphins, 12 different species of whales, sea lions and so much more.

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Sea of Cortez expedition aboard the Mango Wind